These bikes are very thrilling to ride. It is so fun to race down curvy sidewalks, jump off curbs, cut across lawns, drive through parks and bypass all traffic. The cornering is not the best, however--I have to slow down a bit for corners. Hydraulic disc brakes with huge rotors are mandatory for safety at speeds above 30mph.

Regarding cadence, it becomes turbulent at over 110 RPM.  With the 58T front chainring and 14T small cog in rear, one pedals at a reasonable cadence of 90 RPM at 37.5 mph:

The 72V battery pack has a fully charged voltage of 83.9V. The low voltage cutoff in the controller is set to 56V. The LVC in the CA V3 is set to 65V.

‚ÄčThe battery is 1440Wh. When I drive, I stop and start a lot and am very heavy into the throttle, so under these conditions the battery needs recharging after a very exciting 20 miles. If the rider were lighter and easier on the throttle, the range could be extended to a very boring 50 miles.