I wanted to design and build the ultimate commuter ebikes: highest quality parts, reliability, fattest production tires, the most powerful motor available and plenty of gears in an e-bike that looks like a regular bicycle.

Here is a picture of the two prototypes that I built:

I tested those prototypes a lot for a year, and I found many areas in which the bike could be improved.

I finished building the improved models, and here are the specifications:

-Design Logic fat tire cargo frame (190mm dropouts, 44mm head tube)

-Zelena Vozila Cromotor with custom wide axles (268mm axle length,  190mm dropouts)

-Vee Tire Snowshoe 2XL tires (31.5" X 5.05")

-Surly Clownshoe rim in front, Rolling Darryl in rear

-Lyen Mark 2 10kW 4110 controller set to maximum phase and battery current, optimized for 72V, maximum  regenerative braking and 3 speed switch set to 33/66/99

-Electric Rider 20Ah 72V LiMn battery with 100A BMS

-Surly Ice Cream Truck fork with 150mm through axle

-Tektro Dorado HD-E710 hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm rotors  front and rear

-Topeak Drybag panniers and trunk bag

-Grin Tech Cycle Analyst V3 with motor temperature sensor

-Surly Mr. Whirly crankset with 58T chainring and 14-28  5-speed freewheel

​-Extreme tire liners

My attempt at building quality commuter ebikes

Click on a thumbnail to view picture:

​I can be contacted at commuterebikes@gmail.com. My name is Erik M.

​After finishing the two production models, I upgraded the prototypes to the improved specifications: Cromotors, hydraulic brakes with 203mm rotors, fixed stems, thicker grips and improved torque plates.

Pulling the Crystalyte motors out of the prototypes left me with two extra rims. I had two extra Cromotors and I laced those into the extra rims so I now have a spare 170mm dropout wheel as well as a spare 190mm dropout wheel in case I fry a motor or break an axle.